Baby Turtle Release

An  exciting opportunity  to interact with live sea turtles that is only available to a select few people.  Acapulco is one of the  only places  in the world where  sea turtles rise from  their ocean  environment  and make their  way onto the beach where they will build a nest and lay their eggs. This special place along the beaches of Acapulco is protected by law, but  unfortunately natural  predators don’t know about these  laws, and the eggs,  nests, and baby sea turtles are subjected to attacks from birds, iguanas and other predators, and only a very few of them survive the journey into the sea.

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Now you can join us on our mission to help the baby turtles survive their trek from the nest to the sea, and ensure that the next generation of beautiful sea turtles is strong and healthy.

Your tour begins with a discussion of the turtles and the importance of their protection by your guides,   We will visit the nursery, nests, and the turtle camp.  We will see all the baby turtles that were born during the day at the end  we will release the baby sea turtles and help them get safely to their natural ocean habitat.

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